Long, elliptic leaves with entire margin

Immature fruit

Scientific Name

Solanum mauritianum

Common Names

wild tobacco bush


South Amercia



Distinguishing Characteristics

This is a perennial shrub or small tree which is grey-green with open canopy. Hairs are star-shaped with radiating branches to densely interwined hairs. Stems are much branched with no prickles.

Leaves are long, narrow, discolorous, elliptic with entire and lobed margins. The upper surface is green and pubescent while the lower surface greyish with densely interwined hairs with 1 or 2 small sessile leaves in axil except on smaller twigs.

Inflorescences (a group of flowers) are numerous in clusters at the ends of branches with velvety grey stalks. Flowers are violet and tiny in Autumn to Spring.

Fruit is a berry which is dull yellow when mature, green when immature. 


Sources & References

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Prepared by Justin KY Chu, July 2005

Updated by Bev Debrincat, September 2010.