Scientific Name

Watsonia meriana var. bulbillifera


Watsonia bulbillifera

Common Names

Bulbil Watsonia, Wild Watsonia, Bugle Lily


South Africa




Distinguishing Characteristics

This is a herb 1 to 2 metres tall. The leaves are sword shaped, come from an underground corm and are up to 1 metre long. They have a prominent mid-vein and are up to 4.5 cm wide.

Flowers are usually on unbranched spike to 40 cm tall. The flower is dull reddish orange (sometimes pink or purple) and tubular or trumpet-like to 4.5 cm long. Many bulbils in clusters of 4 to 12 form on the old flower stalks.

Flowers October to December

A weed of roadsides and disturbed areas. To control this plant dig out the corms with the soil surrounding them as some smaller corms may dislodge. Put all into a bag. Also bag all bulbils.

Other plants easily confused with this plant

There are other Watsonias - the bulbils along the stem of this plant are very distinctive.

Sources & References

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Prepared and checked by IEWF, December 2011