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A wealth of knowledge about invasive plants is built up by the people who work in natural areas or are working on restoration projects either in paid or volunteer roles. In an effort to make this information accessible to everyone in an easy to use format this weed information is being collected and built into simple plant identification systems.

We do not claim to have all invasive plants included here and this is definitely a work in progress! Therefore, care must be taken in the final decision about the identification of a plant. Also, care must be taken to ensure that look alike native plants have been considered. Where possible these easily confused plants will be included in the Fact Sheets provided for each plant.

It is recommended that, before taking any action to remove a plant, a local authority be asked first if your identification is correct.

If you would like to add information for your area please send an email to [email protected]. We are also interested in having multi-lingual pages - if you would like to help with this let us know!

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