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We thank the following sponsors for their support!

Centre for Biological Information Technology,
the University of Queensland

XID Services, Inc
– Expert Identification Systems. CD based interactive key, illustrated glossary and colour images for 1,000 weeds of North America

Gartelmann Hunter Estate
- producers of fine Australian Hunter Valley wines

Links to friends of IEWF & other interesting sites:

Andean Botanical Information Systems (South America)

Australian National Botanic Gardens (Australia)

Australian Association of Bush Regenerators (Australia)

Australian Dept. of Agriculture

Australian Dept. of Environment and Energy - invasive species

Backyard Buddies - FNPA (Australia)

Birds in Backyards (Australia)

Carbon Farmers of Australia

Carbon Coalition (Australia)

Center for Plant Conservation (USA)

Charles Darwin Foundation,Galapagos

CSIRO Publishing (Australia)

Effective Pasture Cropping - Colin Seis “Winona” Gulgong NSW (Australia)

Farm news online - Australian

Florabank - Australian native seed resource

Fungibank (Australia)

Grain Research & Development Corporation (Australia)

Grants link - sponsored by Dept. of Transport a nd Regional Services (Australia)

Greening Australia

Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk Project (HEAR)

Invasive Species Specialist Group

Keyline - "The Challenge of Landscape" by P. A. Yeomans (Australia)

Landcare Australia

Landcare NSW

Landcare NSW Gateway

Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research (NZ)

Master TreeGrower Program, Victoria (Australia)

Natural Sequence Farming - Peter Andrews (Australia)

North Coast (NSW, Australia) Weeds Advisory Committee

NSW Dept of Primary Industries - Weed information

PlantNet - Botanic Gardens Trust - Sydney

RNC Alliance - articles & membership - restoring natural capital (world-wide)

Rural Living Handbook

Sydney Weed Committees (Australia)

Society for Ecological Restoration

Soil Health

Soil Management Systems – soil testing

SWEP Analytical Labotatories – soil testing

The International Plant Names Index

The World Conservation Union

Weed Management Society of South Australia

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